English Speaking Ride 16!

Короткая ссылка: 
https://veloby.net/node/6594 - [node 6594]
г. Минск
Дата поездки и время сбора: 
воскресенье, 28.июл.2013 - 13:00
Место сбора: 
Велодорожка: Стела
Планируемое расстояние: 
Темп поездки: 
Типы дорог: 
асфальт за городом
Типы дорог: 
асфальт по городу
Типы дорог: 
Типы дорог: 
Типы дорог: 
полевая дорожка
Типы дорог: 
лесная дорожка
Типы дорог: 

Hallo everybody!

For those of you who has not made any plans yet for the nearest weekend or just not sure, here is your chance!

Come join us for an English Speaking Ride to Vyacha. It is going to be a great Ride!!!!!

Our plan is to meet at 13.00 at Stela wait for 10 min for those who are late and then we go by long and interesting way to Tsnyanskoe reservoir, but it is only the beginning of our Ride! We plan to meet more people near the cafe Fregat and the last stop of trolley buses №28 and 34 (http://openstreetmap.ru/?mapid=8...) and depart from the second meeting point at 14.00 to Vyacha while of course continuing speaking English!!!!

Please be free to join for the whole Ride or just for a part of it.

Don’t forget to pump up you wheels before the ride and take spare inner tube, patches, glue, pump, some tools and desire for English speaking.

There is no shops in the forest, don’t forget to take something to drink and some snacks.

It is going to be fun!!!!

The route http://www.gpsies.com/mapOnly.do...


When do you plan to get back to Minsk?

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