English Bike Ride Around Minsk Sea

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https://veloby.net/node/12968 - [node 12968]
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Обычная покатушка
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суббота, 25.июн.2016 - 11:40
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асфальт за городом
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асфальт по городу
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полевая дорожка
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лесная дорожка
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Dear Ladies and Dear Gentlemen,


Let me invite you to the first English Speaking Ride this year!

As you can see above, we are going to ride on the 25th of June around Minsk Sea.

The route is going to be like this: http://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=deynulpryeqdadyi (32 km)

We are planning to have a picnic on Minsk Sea, so you can take something to eat and to drink. WE ARE NOT PLANNING TO VISIT A SHOP, PLEASE MAKE SHOPPING IN ADVANCE.

After picnic we can play frisbee, some ball game, badminton. If somebody have one of that, bring please 

Metting point: "Arena City Shop Mall", Pobeditelei avenue, 84

11.40 am is meeting time and 12.00 is departure time, please don’t be late.

Also check your bike before the ride.


Don’t forget that it is English Speaking Ride and you can speak only English.



email: and-rey-2309@mail.ru

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We will have a barbecue, so you can bring some meat, veg or cheese for you. (But not to much, I have a few skewers)

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AndreyDro: We will have a barbecue, so you can bring some meat, veg or cheese for you. (But not to much, I... #
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