English Bike Ride Minsk Sea

Короткая ссылка: 
http://veloby.net/node/14336 - [node 14336]
Тип покатушки: 
Обычная покатушка
г минск
Дата поездки и время сбора: 
суббота, 10.июн.2017 - 12:00
Место сбора: 
Велодорожка: Стела
Цель покатушки: 
Practice English
Планируемое расстояние: 
Темп поездки: 
Типы дорог: 
асфальт по городу
Типы дорог: 
Типы дорог: 
полевая дорожка
Типы дорог: 
лесная дорожка

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me invite you to the first English Speaking Ride this year!

As you can see above, we are going to ride on the 10th of June to “Minsk Sea”.

The route is going to be like this: http://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fil...

We are planning to have a picnic on Minsk Sea, so you can take something to eat and to drink. WE ARE NOT PLANNING TO VISIT A SHOP, PLEASE DO THE SHOPPING IN ADVANCE.

After the picnic we are practicing English in a game form (Alias, Taboo, Name it etc), play frisbee. If somebody has badminton or a ball, you are free to bring it.

The meeting place: "Stella", Pobeditelei avenue, 8

The meeting time: 12.00 pm (please don’t be late)

The departure time: 12.20 pм

In addition to that, I encourage you to check your bikes before the ride. Don’t forget that it is an English Speaking Ride and you can speak only English!


1) - Is it free of charge?

- Yes, it is. We don’t charge anything. But, please, don’t forget to provide yourself with food and beverages.

2) - What level of English do I need to have to take part?

- We encourage the speakers of all language levels to join us. But the ones with lower than Pre-Intermediate will find it hard to catch up with the rest.

3) - What time will we be back to Minsk?

- We will be at Stella at about 18.00 - 19.00. But feel free to come back to Minsk any time you need (If you know the track).






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